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Easter Fun

Our Easter weekend turned out perfectly, with some sunny Spring weather as an added bonus.  On Friday we started the day with a tea party complete with a castle cake.  Davin instilled a dresscode, which included dresses for the girls and a shirt and tie for the boys, and we all had a lovely time.

That afternoon we were busy dying some Easter eggs which the girls had a lot of fun with.  On Saturday morning we were up bright and early and off to our old neighbourhood for an Easter egg hunt.  Fortuneately the weather cooperated and it was a beautiful day to be outside.  The girls had lots of fun finding the eggs and then enjoying the goods that were inside.

After the big hunt we were all enjoying the beautiful weather so much that no one wanted to to go in so we stayed outside for the rest of the day with children playing while the adults basked in the subshine and enjoyed refreshments.  It was a wonderful kick-off to Spring.

The Easter eggs for our family hunt on Sunday morning deserve a post of their own, they were a huge hit with the girls – who wouldn’t enjoy smashing real eggs on the floor / table / etc. to find a surprise inside?  Then it was just a matter of sweeping up the eggshell before the dogs tried to eat it.

After the egg hunt it was off to Aunt Barb’s for turkey dinner (yum!) and a visit.  The girls wore their Easter dresses from Nana, and Aunt Barb had gotten them new sun hats which matched the dresses perfectly!

A Happy Easter indeed!


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