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Well a month ago today I did something completely spontaneously and didn’t even think about it. I called Dame, and said I wanted to book us a family trip to Lunenburg, NS in May using points to check it out, what did he think? He said “let’s do it”, so before I had any time to re-consider and think it through I logged on and booked four tickets. I’m so excited!! I feel like it is the first major step towards some big changes coming, and I love it.

We’ve been thinking about heading back east for a long time, but nothing ever felt right, and we didn’t actually do anything about it. About a month ago I was googling Waldorf schools in Nova Scotia, and found one near Lunenburg. In then exploring Lunenburg itself for a bit I was completely taken by the beauty, the older buildings, the history, the sense of community, and started sending Dame links to look at.  He felt the same way, and now we are exploring business / work opportunities and the feasibility of moving there.  We are targeting Spring 2012, so the new baby won’t be quite so little, and it gives us time to do some planning and organizing.

We’ll see what happens, but it feels so good to finally be working towards something, instead of feeling like we’re just kind of floating around in uncertainty, which is what I have felt like for the past few years.


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